Friday, October 17, 2008

Win These Lamps! Deadline Approaches

The entry deadline for the Swank Lighting/Material Girls design board contest is November 1st. Winners will be announced November 15th. So if you're tired of the election and need a break go CHECK IT OUThere to get the rules and have some fun... win some lamps... and get some recognition for your great design ideas.

Ed at Swank

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're Mad4Milo

When we first launched Swank Lighting we began selling our lamps on eBay. Although there are many eBay sellers with Murano Lamp listings, we always believed that we only had one true competitor and we were HUGE fans of his. His eBay name which I’m sure many of you will recognize is mad4milo. Paulo Brida is the design genius behind mad4milo. In addition to great lamps milo always had listings for wonderful re-upholstered chairs, refinished tables, credenzas, storage pieces as well as fabulous decorative accessories. Milo’s new listings always came on Thursday night and most of our eBay friends and mid century enthusiasts sat patiently by their computers every Thursday night waiting for the latest milo eye candy to go live.
We were so pleased to get an email from Paulo last evening with a link to the new mad4miloweb site. It appears that just like Swank Lighting milo has grown beyond eBay. Even though we still see milo as a bit of a competitor, we couldn’t resist giving you a link to his site. You will no doubt agree with us that this man has STYLE! Our favorite compliment from designers is that Swank Lighting has “uniqueness”. And we want to tell you that milo definitely has uniqueness.
Please visit his new site and see for yourself.
Ed at Swank