Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fresh and Inspiring Designs of Jonathan Adler

For some, knowing what their home's style is as easy as breathing. For others, pinning down what they want their home to look like can be next to impossible! The task is made especially hard when your tastes lean toward more eclectic, mixed styles, rather than straight modern, classic, etc. While there are many methods on trying to tamp down your own style, one of the best is certainly studying the great tastes of contemporary mixed style designers, like Jonathan Adler. Mixing old, new, traditional and modern, Jonathan's designs can help inspire any home, no matter the tastes of the owner.

Adler's design career actually began with pottery, first learning the craft at a young age and then continuing with it in college. After trying out the movie business in New York City for a few years after graduating, his pottery career really took off in 1994 when some of his designs were bought by Barney's. So popular was his work, that by 1998 he opened his first store, in Soho. He spent the next few years honing both his designs and his style, eventually opening a second store on the West Coast in 2001. The next year he branched out into furniture lines and began taking on interior design jobs, which he immediately became fabulous at. The next few years saw the Adler brand expand into other categories, like bedding and stationary and he opened up stores in various other U.S. cities. Today, the Jonathan Adler brand is synonymous with fun, eclectic style and he is considered an expert in the field of creating gorgeous interiors.

Your first step in gaining inspiration from Jonathan Adler's designs is to study his portfolio—full of gorgeously put together spaces and bright, fun colors. The second step is to remember his "ten commandments of a happy chic home". Among the commandments, Adler encourages homeowners to embrace "maximalism", allow hotel comforts, mix chic with traditional, and a bevy of hilariously written others. Perhaps most importantly, Adler emphasizes that you shouldn't covet your neighbor's home, but rather create a home that others will covet.

You can find a hefty portfolio of previous client interior design work, his accessories and furniture as well as more thoughts on his philosophy of design at his website,

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