Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swank Lighting Dealer: Atlanta's The Mercantile!

Swank Lighting is excited to announce that The Mercantile, a fresh and new furniture, art and accessories boutique in Atlanta, Georgia, will now be carrying Swank Lighting lamps. Yes, now Atlanta residents and designers will have the opportunity to experience the high-quality and gorgeous looks of Swank Lighting products in person before purchasing! We gave The Mercantile's owner Barbara Heath a call to get details on her new boutique and how Atlanta likes Swank Lighting so far:

How did you learn about Swank, and come to be a dealer of their great-looking lamps?
I learned of Swank Lighting through designer Michelle Bradley. She knew how intrigued I would be with the character and quality of Swank lamps. Part of the goal for The Mercantile is to bring products to Atlanta that are not currently marketed here. Doug and I exchanged e-mails and phone calls regarding my purchasing a pair of lamps for the store. Without a doubt, I do feel lucky to have them here and certainly feel like their custodian.

Tell me a bit about The Mercantile Atlanta.
If someone were to ask me what I wanted to do "when I grow up" - this would be it - to have a store with wonderful, high quality products - Products that when people see them they can either envision in their home, or on the flip side, assist people in the planning of their home design. We have beautiful furniture, gifts, accessories and art - all of which we hope bring a quality to design creating a wonderful transitional landscape. We've attempted to set the products up in vignettes so individuals can get a sense of how to display a product in their home.

How long have you been open?
We had our "grand opening" on December 9th, but opened a few weeks prior to get the kinks worked out.

What other sort of products can Atlanta residents expect to see in your shop?
In addition to being the exclusive distributor of Swank Lighting in the Atlanta area, we also exclusively represent George Smith Furniture and Fabrics, Bradley Hughes (furniture), Elizabeth Lyons Glass, and other products in a "non-exclusive" relationship, such as, Jan Barboglio, L'Objet, Match 1995, Jaboneria Marianella, Agraria, and much more.

Do you also offer design services?
We do have designers on staff. We have had a wonderful reception from the Atlanta community with many retail customers coming in requesting design services. Most recently, we had someone from Boston request our services - a wonderful compliment!!

How are the Swank Lighting Lamps being received by Atlanta decorators and homeowners so far?
Atlanta LOVES Swank lamps!!! We have great success with designers, as we as our retail customers.

Describe the types of styles and rooms that you think Swank Lighting lamps go great with and why you think they'll do well in your store.
This is a great question - I feel as though the lamps are timeless, so I don't believe they can be necessarily pigeon holed into a specific style. Atlanta, right now, is enjoying transitional styling in home decorating - combining wonderful antiques with more contemporary accents. I do feel the lamps are well suited in that environment, but you can also see them in true contemporary/modern designs, as well as the most traditional of designs. As an example, here in the store, we have a pair of vintage lamps flanking a gorgeous taupe velvet tufted back sofa. In front of the sofa is a concrete top coffee table with wrought iron base. Then we also have one of the Joe Cariati lamps (3 ball in white) resting on a concrete top side table. The table is next to a beautiful brown and white linen Tiplady Knowle Sofa (very traditional in styling, but with more contemporary upholstery). In this vignette, the coffee table is made of acid washed mirror (4 sides and top), and to finish the picture we have 3 French antiques - a Louis Phillippe chest, Louis Phillippe mirror, and a Renaissance Vitrine. It all works, because it is all quality!!

Which lines of Swank did you choose to carry and why?
I love working with Doug and Ed and am honored that we have their products - we currently have the Vintage Lamps, Rock Candy, and Joe Cariati. Based upon the quality of these products, I would enjoy having any of their products here in the store.

Where is your store located? What are your hours? Do you have a website? Any upcoming events?
We are located in Village Place Brookhaven, at 1430 Dresden Drive, Suite B100, Atlanta GA 30319. We're here Monday through Saturday, 10a.m. - 6p.m., but will also set up appointments during any off hours. Our website is under development - but watch us at We're hoping to have keynote presentations, as well as book signings in the near future. Maybe even Doug and Ed to introduce them to "Atlanta".

If you don't live in Atlanta, don't worry. Remember you can still purchase any of Swank Lighting's products on the new, revamped website. If you do live in Atlanta, make it over to see The Mercantile and Swank Lighting as soon as you can!

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