Friday, August 7, 2009

5 Favorite 1stdibs Items: Shape!

Last week we tackled the theme of texture with our favorite furniture picks from 1stdibs. While we're definitely on a big kick for finding great texture and color for our furniture pieces, there's another characteristic that's sometimes forgotten: shape! An interesting silhouette or stunning line can do a lot to grab attention in a room, so we've picked five great examples of ways to bring fun shape to your spaces. Enjoy!

1) A Breuton, Glass, Polished and Brushed Chrome Low Table
This piece's shape is interesting because it defies our mind's eye. Using an unexpected design and reflective materials, it's almost difficult to discern what shape it is at first glance. From the 1970s and featuring a rectangular glass with beveled edge cantilevered above a stepped polished and brushed chrome angled base, we think this would really turn heads in a room.
Price: $7,500
Gary Rubenstein Antiques

2) "Long Chair" by Marcel Breuer
Breuer, that famous designer who's been responsible for many important designs in our history, really created an interesting sight when he designed this chair. This piece features all sorts of different curved lines. Being all one color and a uniform material, it really arrests the eye with its shape that was supposedly inspired by the reclining nude. From 1937.
Price: $9,300
Sam Kaufman

3) Pair of Polished Steel Sculptures By Gary Kahle
This pair of shiny sculptures employ a similar method of using reflective materials to capture and confuse the eye, but this time they are in conjunction with a simple, curved form. Used together or alone in a room, they would stand as a stark reminder of the power of shape in design.
Price: $7,200

4) Grand Scale French Crystal Chandelier
We remember last season that a certain few wall sticker designers were using the chandelier silhouette as a design---and they was popular. For good reason, the chandelier's shape immediately evokes both grandeur and riches when viewed. This particular chandelier seems to heighten the ideal of the chandelier shape, featuring so many extra details that the shape is almost overwhelmed. It would make a formidable addition to any ceiling.
Price: $25,000
Mill House Antiques and Garden

5) James Prestini - Early Steel Sculpture
We love how this sculpture highlights the idea of shape by creating one in the negative space cut out of the actual piece. There's not actually a circle there, but the sculpture reads that way. This would create a powerful visual impact to a space.
Price: $4,800

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