Thursday, August 13, 2009

Design Blogger Profile: The Team Behind Design Milk

While we can't substantiate this claim with hard evidence, we’re pretty sure the bloggers behind Design Milk are some of the hardest working bloggers today. Updating almost constantly throughout the day, the Design Milk blog focuses on short, concise and easily readable blog posts.
Design Milk offers up posts about a range of topics, such as architecture, art, home furnishings, interior design, technology and style and fashion. Showcased on a site that features clean lines letting the colorful and engaging photos “pop”, Design Milk is also incredibly searchable---in case you’re looking for specific information for a project and not just general inspiration.

Design Milk’s team is a great combination of talents across the major design fields. The editor, Jaime Derringer, runs and owns Design Milk with her husband, and along with having one of the top design blogs out there, is also a talented and accomplished artist. Other contributors to the site are writer Erin Loechner (whom you may remember from our feature of her own blog, Design for Mankind), graphic designer Crystal Chou, graduate student Eleanor Cleverly, The Shiny Squirrel website owner Jessica Goldfond, interior designer Annie May and Blue Ant Studio owner Joel Pirela.

A favorite feature to the blog is the Design Milk Design Directory, where you can find the latest and greatest in design resources, like artists, craftsman, places to get art, fabric, home furnishings, etc. The reason we love Design Milk so much is their ability to spot design trends. Not just rehashing the same ideas and products that make the blog world rounds, the Design Milk team scours the internet for the latest and greatest in design innovations.

And for the technology nerds out there, we also love Design Milk for all the little extras embedded into the site, like being able with one click to turn a post into a PDF, Digg it, Twitter it, Facebook it and a whole host of other icons we don’t know.

Photo of Jamie Derringer's work space was taken from a brilliant post in Apartment Therapy.

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