Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Perfect Pair: Barcelona And Emerald Rock Candy!

Today we’re premiering a new series here on Swank Lighting’s blog. Each week, we’ll be pairing together a famous piece of furniture and a Swank Lighting lamp in order to showcase how design elements can compliment one another for the better!

Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair is one of the most recognized modern pieces of furniture in recent history, and was named after his famous architectural project the Barcelona Pavilion built in Spain. Most frequently seen in either black or white leather, the Barcelona chair features two square seat cushions with button-tufted details. Set atop two curved, stainless steel legs, the chair’s success comes from the tantalizing combination between the masculine elements of the leather seat cushions and the curved, feminine legs.

Swank Lighting’s Emerald Rock Candy lamps are also a study in the combination of the masculine and feminine in one piece. The lamps feature tumbled recycled glass with lots of uneven edges. The edges give it an energetic and masculine feeling, yet the glass shines like emerald jewels, reminding one of women’s jewelry.

Together, the Barcelona Chair and the Emerald Rock Candy lamps work off of each other’s feminine and masculine parts, enhancing their best elements. The black color of the Barcelona Chair’s leather also contrasts perfectly with the deep Emerald green. Together, they’d be a dynamic addition to a space!

Barcelona Chair photograph taken from WordIQ.com

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