Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swank's Cast Stone Lamp Line!

What's the one thing that could make Swank Lighting's line of vintage Murano lamps even better? If they were available in any color! Swank Lighting is excited to announce their new line of "Cast Stone" lamps. Taking molds of our most popular vintage Murano lamps, we're now spin casting them in stone and plaster to create the same design---but totally color customizable! No more finding a lamp you love but the color being wrong! Designers and homeowners alike will be able to choose absolutely any color, ensuring lamps coordinate with any color palette---or stand out as the perfect accent! The process for purchasing these amazing lamps is simple: just choose your design from our growing selection and then choose any color you want from the major national paint suppliers and we'll do the rest. So, which designs and colors are you going to choose today?

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