Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bold and Innovative Interior Design of Kishani Perera!

Focusing again on someone more contemporary for our Design Influence series, we bring to you today the stylish and extremely talented interior designer Kishani Perera. Perera’s designs have been attracting a lot of attention from members of the press and high-profile clients for a few years now, and her gorgeous interiors are bursting with inspiration!

We first stumbled upon Perera’s work in a post at Desire to Inspire (and also where we got all the great photos for this post, courtesy of photographer Jean Randazzo). We were knocked over by the great-looking rooms we saw. Perera’s work is a bold mix of color and style, and she freely experiments with lots of color palettes in her work. Her spaces don’t look too wild, though; she has the ability to mix color, texture and pattern in quite a sophisticated way and helps her clients create very layered and grown-up spaces. Her rooms are very fun, but also quite comfortable. Every shot is magazine-worthy but not so formal and stuffy that you feel like you can’t touch anything. Showing a wide range of abilities, Perera can achieve any style you could be looking for, from eclectic to modern to Hollywood Regency to more.

Perera trained at UCLA’s Interior Design and Architecture program and had many years in the field before starting Fuse ID, the name for her interior design business. Not only getting her name out there as a talented designer, Perera has is also known as being fun and professional person to work with. Enjoyed by a number of clients, Perera counts amongst her previous client list such well-known names as Molly Sims, Kate Bosworth, Christine Taylor, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Josh Duhamel and many more. Her work has been featured in a number of magazines, like In Style Magazine, California Home and Design, Sunset Magazine, LA Confidential Magazine and more. While still young, Perera has already racked up quite a number of achievements and career milestones.

While it can be hard to pinpoint just why a certain person is successful, reading through the testimonial page on Perera’s website certainly hints at her secrets. Words like “innovative,” “brave,” show up a lot, as well as mentioning her ability to make a client’s personality and ideas a reality. Even if you don’t live in LA or can’t afford her services, glancing through her online portfolio should give you enough inspiration for your own interior makeover! Be sure to check back to Swank Lighting's website for more inspiration of all kinds.

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