Friday, October 23, 2009

Design Blogger Profile: Rachel from Small Notebook!

We bring to you a fellow Texas blogger today, Rachel from Small Notebook. This marks one of the first blogs not dedicated strictly to the home that we’ve covered, but don’t worry there’s plenty of house advice here. As the weather becomes cooler here and we all start preparing ourselves for the busy holiday months ahead, we thought it pertinent to bring you this blog all about maximizing the simplicity and enjoyment of life.

Started in early 2008, Small Notebook began as a way for Rachel to keep photos and notes to remember her days by---but slowly evolved into the helpful, honest and educational blog it is today. As a stay at home mom who left the corporate world of project management to stay at home with her two small children (who are absolutely adorable), Rachel and her husband have had to make a lot of changes. They stayed in the small apartment they lived in before kids and now have only one income, so you experience all of Rachel’s solutions to these new challenges along with her.

Organized appropriately simple and with nice big photographs, you can choose from a number of topics to read about, including simplify, organize, money, home keeping, family life, food, gardening and more. Want to know how to turn a wet bar into a closet? Always wanted to try composting in your apartment? Need some tricks on spring cleaning? You’ll find all those ideas and more, plus daily tips and you can read about her interesting and impossible sounding annual “No Spend Month” challenge that her and her family subscribe to.

While there are plenty of websites out there to get similar information from, there’s something simpler and more honest about Rachel’s ideas and endeavors than we’ve seen in awhile. She doesn’t even make money from the blog yet---you can surf ad free while visiting. Posting very regularly (even despite being a busy mom) we think you’ll enjoy her creative solutions and fun ideas, too.

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