Thursday, October 22, 2009

Designer SPCA Pet Bed Update!

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the first update of our very own Doug Taylor (along with Swank Lighting favorite artist Faith Schexnayder) working on creating a pet bed for the event Paws Cause 2010, benefiting the SPCA Martin Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic and that will take place on January 24th at Sambuca restaurant in Uptown Dallas.

We just loved seeing all the photos in the last post of the beginnings of what is sure to be the best pet bed Texas has ever seen and so we're excited to bring you some more photos today! Doug and Faith have been hard at work and the pet bed is making real progress. This week's photos are all about details: check out the button tufts of the back, the attached side lamp table that's being formed, what will be a site for a water bowl, and more!

And, we've brought you a special bonus today as well: photos from last year's pet beds. Enjoy:

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