Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Perfect Pair: A Popa Chair and Lavender Berry Lamps!

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we like to take our favorite furniture piece from design influences we post about and combine them with a Swank Lighting lamp to create an irresistible combination. Today’s post is no different! We’ll be combining a Paul McCobb Popa chair and some contemporary hand blown Swank Lighting lamps by Joe Cariati in a fabulous color…

We love a lot of Paul McCobb’s furniture pieces. They just all seem to possess the perfect combination of modern and traditional, and are so simple and stylish. Despite that love, we somehow fell for one of McCobb’s most unique pieces, the upholstered and bold Popa Chair. One of his more luxurious pieces, the Popa Chair almost has a more Hollywood Regency feel to it than a modern feel. A very large and opposing piece, the Popa chair features a large seat with a tall back cushion that is flanked with upholstered wings, that gives a very intimate and cozy feel to the piece. The button tufts add an air of traditional to the piece, and the large, opposing feel of the chair is magnified by the modern, thin, and tapered legs. We even love the color of the upholstery, which is a warm, khaki-colored gray. Overall the piece is masculine.

We’re big fans of Joe Cariati’s glass art, and we think his hand blown glass lamps for Swank Lighting are just gorgeous. His Three Ball Stack lamp in Lavender Berry is a perfect contemporary glass lamp. Tall and featuring three balls stacked on top of one another, the lamps are just great-looking. We’re especially in love with the color. In between pink and lavender, the lamps are shiny and an ultra-feminine color.

Together, these lamps and McCobb chair make a fabulous pair. McCobb’s Popa Chair is opposing, big and a masculine, stylish statement. Swank’s contemporary Cariati lamps are wonderfully bright, cheery and feminine. Side by side they are a study in opposites: the Popa Chair is wide and large, the lamps are tall and skinny. The Popa Chair is cozy and with matte upholstery; the lamps are shiny, glossy and refuse to stand in the background. As we’ve seen before, these two home d├ęcor items go so well together because they are dissimilar, and their differences make for a dynamic combination!

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