Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Perfect Pair: Loewy Chests and Swank Lighting Lamps!

Did you fall in love with Raymond Loewy’s work like we did yesterday? Though more well known for his industrial product design than his furniture, he still did a pretty darn good job creating furniture designs that were cool. We think many of his modern pieces would look fabulous with Swank Lighting lamps, but one piece in particular caught our eye…

This chest of drawers designed by Raymond Loewy is apparently very rare and is called the DF 2000 Chest of Drawers. Made in France in 1965 for the Doubinsky Freres company, these two individual pieces are bright, punchy and exciting. The drawer fronts are made of a custom molded plastic material and feature four different (but equally fabulous) colors. According to 1stdibs, the pieces are “extremely heavy and well made, can be used together or apart or as two bedside dressers.” One of the chests has six drawers and the other three drawers and a door. Glossy, with curved edges and a modern aesthetic, these are cool pieces!

These vintage Swank Lighting Murano table lamps in purple with controlled bubbles are luxurious and dramatic. Featuring a simple shape a little larger on top and slowily getting smaller to the bottom, it’s the deep, rich color of these lamps that really has us going. Not quite a purple, with a lot of red and burgundy in it, these lamps are almost the color of a fresh glass of red wine. On top of a simple Lucite base they are simple yet strong.

Though it might seem unwise to introduce another color to a composition containing all the bright colors as this Loewy double chest of drawers, we think the color on the Swank Lighting Murano lamps is just perfect. A deeper color, but with a lot of red and warmth in it, the color of the lamps is almost an extension of the colors you see in the chests. All the pieces feature soft, curvy edges and shapes, perfectly complementing one another. This would definitely be a bold and daring combination to add to a space, but one we think would be well worth it!

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