Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Perfect Pair: The Memphis Group and Vintage Murano!

Finding a pair of lamps to work well with a Memphis Design Group piece of furniture is no easy task. With their bright colors, busy patterns and odd shapes, they pretty much steal the show of any room they occupy. We looked to our trusty vintage Murano lamp collection for this challenge and we think we made a perfect pair!

This Memphis style cabinet with drawers is a great example of the style. Featuring bright yellow and turquoise blue and black accents, the piece is certainly eye-catching. The top and side planes of the cabinet have a great 80s style gray and white pattern to it. The black drawer pulls come in two shapes: a regular round shape and then a characteristically Memphis zigzag shape. Though many Memphis style furniture pieces feature out-of-this-world shapes, we like this piece because it had a simpler frame: just straight lines. This sort of Memphis style piece of furniture could actually be used in a home today.

This pair of Swank Lighting Barovier & Toso Two Piece Murano Lamps in Canary Yellow is equally as stunning. They’re filled with an incredible pattern of controlled 24 karat gold bubbles, making it even hard to believe that the Murano glass was hand made. In pristine condition, there are no chips, cracks or scratches in the glass. Featuring a bottom-heavy shape, the height, along with the color, makes this lamp quite elegant.

Though it might seem a little “matchy” to place a pair of canary yellow lamps on top of a piece of furniture with an already strong yellow color, we think it helps level the playing field. Alone, the Memphis piece is almost shocking: in a room it could easy dominate the decor. Paired with the gorgeous pattern and canary yellow color of the lamps, the entire composition because a vignette—a thoughtful, designed corner of a room. Together, they become a retro pair of fun shapes and colors, sure to brighten up any space!

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