Thursday, January 21, 2010

Design Blog Profile: MoCo Loco!

We’ve got quite the motherload of modern design stimulation to show you with today’s favorite design blog pick. It’s MoCo Loco, and if you pay any attention to design at all there’s no doubt in our minds you’ve heard of the site before. With good reason—packed full of engaging stories, fresh photos and quirky ideas MoCo Loco is for the design and excitement lover in us all!

There’s just something so cutting edge about MoCo Loco that sets it above the other design blogs out there. Whereas many other blogs we’ve covered have a homey sort of feel to them, stressing organization, fun finds and color, MoCo Loco often seems obsessed with the idea. Stunning architecture ideas, cutting edge interior design ideas, new and unusual interior furnishings ideas—you come to MoCo Loco to be blown away by things you have probably never heard or seen before.

Helmed by ex social media CEO Harry Wakefield, MoCo Loco the name came from his self-described obsession (being “loco”) about MOdern COntemporary design. If you don’t already have an obsession with MoCo too, you will after surfing onto this site. It’s divided into three main sections: architecture, art and fresh; you can hone in directly for what you love the most, or just browse throughout the entire site—there’s plenty to see and you won’t get bored.

Even the graphic design of MoCo Loco is cutting edge: featuring an interesting layout of either vertical or horizontal posts (you get to decide), the pages are filled with squares of all shapes and sizes featuring an array of posts and sprinkled with ads. We admit it—at first glance MoCo Loco can be a bit jarring to the senses, almost too much stimulation for your eyes. But, take a moment to acclimate yourself—it’s worth it, and pretty soon you’ll pick up on their system and love it as much as we do.

So, you might not find a ton of ideas on how to organize your sock drawer or what color to paint your bedroom wall, but you will get a slew of inspiring ideas, hopeful stories and bright photos on MoCo Loco, a design blog favorite of Swank Lighting.

All photos taken from MoCo Loco.

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