Thursday, January 14, 2010

Design Blogger Profile: Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy!

Happy Thursday! We’ve decided to shake things up a bit here at Swank Lighting’s blog: never really “feeling” the format we had chosen for this day (Flickr Features) we decided to nix it and focus on the days’ posts that we love the most. So, we’ll be moving Friday’s favorite design blogger post to Thursdays, and take easy on Fridays. Now back to your newly scheduled Thursday Design Blogger Profile!

We submit for your approval the fabulous and talented Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy! Oh Joy is a business, a blog and an amazing amount of inspiration for your home. Recently renovated to include a new look, more of the same great style and a few surprising features, we can personally attest to the joy we get when we visit this great site!

According to Oh Joy’s great “about page,” some important facts about Oh Joy are that the blog is dedicated to “inspiration & design with a focus on home accessories, textiles, and fashion.” It features a fresh two to three new posts a day and the site gets an impressive 30,000 readers a day, and nearly 470,000 readers a month. Those statistics aren’t what impress us though; we enjoy the high-quality posts that are consistently produced by Cho and the site, and we happen to have a bit of a love affair with all of Cho’s talented product offerings.

A background in graphic design working with fashion clients made it easy for Cho to get into the home accessory and textiles business, and after a move to her current city of Philadelphia, she started her own studio if 2005. In the beginning Cho focused on surface pattern, identities, and packaging for big named clients like Target, Mattel, QVC, Charlotte Ronson, Urban Outfitters and more. In 2007, Cho launched her own stationary line, which along with being gorgeous, can be found in stores all over the country, even Anthropologie, Chronicle Books and Tiny Prints. You can buy amazing notebooks, cards, folders, address labels and more, all in delicate, intricate and good-looking designs.

Five pages in and we’re only just getting to the fabulous Oh Joy blog. Clearly there are a lot of great things in the Oh Joy universe to enjoy! Well, the blog doesn’t even need any talking up. Just surf on to it and you’ll see a wealth of posts about new home designs, interior design concepts, home design accessories, prints, patterns, personal posts and a whole lot more. There a variety of categories like currently loving..., designers + artists, fashion week, gift guide, my house is my home, my wallet's looking empty, philly + local finds, sketchbook, this & that, travels + other cities, wearable baubles and more! Well, don't take our work for it, see for yourself!
*Cho's photo taken by Karen Wise and all other photos graciously taken from the lovely posts of Oh Joy!

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