Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Mission Style and Vintage Murano!

It’s not everyday that a style is created whose characteristics are so distinct, and whose impacts on American design are so apparent, but the Arts and Crafts Movement was one of those styles. Highlighting the handcrafted, natural-feel to furniture and architecture, this movement thrived on natural materials and simple lines. One man behind the movement really made waves for awhile: Gustav Stickley. We take one of his Mission Style chairs today and pair it with a surprising Swank Lighting pair of lamps.

When we first saw the photo of this chair paired with a fur-covered pillow we were thrown off guard. Fur in our minds (and certainly in recent years) has become synonymous with glamour, often being seen in the interiors of a style quite opposite to Art and Crafts: Hollywood Regency. But then we realized the people who styled this photo were on to something. Fur is glamorous—but also natural—and so works with this down-to-earth, no frills Mission Style Chair. Like many other pieces in this furniture style, this chair features straight lines, honest materials, no unnecessary parts and clean style, but it also looks and feels great.

Much like that glamorous fur pillow works so well with the chair, we realized that we didn’t have to restrict our Swank Lighting lamps choice for today’s feature—in fact we could pick a pair with a little luxury. And so we chose the Marbro Company Vintage Murano Lamps in Rare Purple Venetian Glass. The lamps are so traditional and nontraditional, all at the same time. Made of a great vintage glass, they come in a curvy shape, and feature a great vertical-lined texture in the glass. Gold and brass accents anchor the lamps at intervals. Our favorite part of the lamps is their rare purple color—translucent, regal and subtle.

The Stickley Mission Style chair and rare vintage Murano purple glass lamps go so well together because they’re not as different as initial glances might lead you to believe. Sure, the chair is made of all natural materials, but glass and gold are natural materials as well. The chair’s hallmark of the Mission Stylet—all wooden slats—are mimicked by the lamps vertical glass ridges. Maybe purple isn’t immediately thought of as a color found often in nature, but we think it’s the perfect complement to the wood tone of this chair. And just like the pillow accessory in the photos show us, Stickley’s style goes pretty well with a little infusion of glamour.

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