Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Swank Lighting Lamps and Neutral Interiors!

For months and months we’ve brought you a Perfect Pair every Tuesday here on the Swank Lighting blog. Grabbing a photo or two of a favorite piece of furniture designed by a designer influence, it has been easy to find corresponding Swank Lighting lamps that not only “go” with the furniture, but together make dynamic combinations.

As evidenced by some of our past designer influences, Swank Lighting lamps can work with just about any style. From the Mid-Century designs of Harry Bertoia, to the colorful shapes of Verner Panton, to the industrial designs of Raymond Loewy—there’s never been a piece of furniture or style we couldn’t pair with Swank Lighting’s gorgeous wares.

Keeping our lamps’ versatility in mind, we do have to confess that there is particular color palette that we think really lets our lamp colors, shapes, textures and designs shine: calming and coordinated neutrals. As seen in the sophisticated interiors of international interior designer Kelly Hoppen, we’re not implying that you have to have a boring room to get the most out of your Swank Lighting purchase; quite the opposite. We think our lamps look the best when they are working with the other design elements of a space—all to create the perfect composition.

However, we can’t deny that when the rest of the colors of a room are a tad bit on the more subdued side, our bold, glossy and jewel-toned colors really stand out! In honor of Hoppen’s gorgeous spaces and to showoff just how great Swank Lighting lamps look in actual rooms, we whipped out some Photoshop skills and placed Swank Lighting lamps in three neutrally-colored and stylishly decorated rooms so you could see just how they sing!

1) In this lovely, sunny room of whites and creams, we take a cue from Hoppen and find a Swank Lighting lamp that features the same earthy, olive green color that bedecks the subtle but effective accessories already in the space. This just goes to show you that our lamps don’t have to be the only color in a room, but combine with other similarly colored design elements and you have a force to be reckoned with!

2) Hoppen proves that neutrals don’t have to be bland, mixing it up with some gray-toned, muddy blues that really flow together to create a subdued and laid-back atmosphere in this small room. One of our favorite design tricks—grab a color from the artwork—helps us decide to incorporate a translucent reddish-orange contemporary Murano glass lamp. Good-looking!

3) In this neutral but dramatic kitchen, stainless steel and modern appliances take precedence, while dark-hued wood shelves add warmth and masculinity. Shake things up a bit by throwing in a rich, crimson red Swank Lighting Joe Cariati contemporary glass lamp. The red is bold, but it doesn’t take away from the rest of the space, and now the entire composition is fabulous!

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