Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Favorite 1stdibs Items: Colorful, Geometric Shapes!

Confession: we've never quite gotten over the geometric trend in decor. It peaked last year some time, with home interiors seeing a record number of geometric patterns and shapes taking up residence in design schemes. We fell in love with it---and we're not ready to give it up. There's something modern about it, with the straight edges and streamlined-feel, but there's also something very interesting and warm to geometric designs. There are facets; there are different planes represented---there's a distinct 3-D effect often achieved. Whatever the reason, we just can't get enough. We've grabbed five items today from 1stdibs' newest items that would make for a very geometric (and hip) office space. We even pulled out some Photoshop skills to show you what all these pieces would look like together, located at the end of the furniture photos. Enjoy!

1) Jay Spectre "Perceptive" Drop Front Desk
Look how cool this desk is! You almost can't even perceive it as a desk, maybe that's how they came up with the name? We love the angles to this piece, and also how the desk is very narrow. This would be a great desk for someone who lives in a small apartment or house to help save space. And who can beat that neat drop down front?
Price: $15,000

2) The Nine Planets By John McLeish
"A set of 9 works done durning the period of the hard edge school of painting, a parallel movement with that of pop art. Illustrated here - 9 oils on stretched linen depicting the planets & moons of our solar system in pyramidal form." We're not entirely sure what the hard edge school of painting is, but we know we love the way in which the nine planets have been translated to geometric pyramids! Great pop art feel and a lot of fun color, too.
Price: $17,000
Joshua Lowenfels

3) Pair Jay Spectre Thuya Burl Wood Benches
We think these fun geometric wood benches would be the perfect balance to a modern desk like the Perceptive Drop Front Desk. Depicting a strong outline of an "x," the benches are also quite curvy, which make for a great contrast to the hard edges of the desk. We also like that their darker wood tone is another great contrast to the lighter wood tone of the desk.
Price: $6,500
Full House

4) Frank Lloyd Wright Rug
Man we love this rug. Not only are the colors the perfect match to Frank Lloyd Wright's famous palettes, the geometric lines are just killer. It'd be a great match to the colors in the paintings above and a great way to ground the entire composition.
Price: $1,900
Palm Beach Antique and Design Center

5) Crystal crescent moon wall sconce
We love it! This awesome crescent moon is a lighted wall sconce! Not only does it reinforce the geometric theme in a fresh and fun way but it also relates to the space theme of the paintings. And it's just a fun, pop art way of bringing light into the space.
Price: $2800

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that jay specter desk is phenomenal! like the stools and paintings too! nice post.