Friday, February 19, 2010

Design Blog Profile: Ikea Hacker!

When we look to share one of our favorite design blogs with our Swank Lighting blog readers, we try to find those blogs that we love, but that we also think will come in handy to our readers. Whether that’s because a blog features amazing inspiration or lots of design information doesn’t matter—as long as we feel it’s helpful. We say all of this because today’s blog choice might seem a bit odd—it’s not some famous designer’s blog or even one of the lesser known but charming blogs out there. Today’s choice is…Ikea Hacker!

It all started in May of 2006 when Jules (the name the site owner goes by) decided to do a Google search for ideas on how revamp (or hack) Ikea furniture. Ikea furniture is great, as reluctantly as one might admit; it's cheap and their stuff isn’t even that poorly made (most of it, anyway). The thing of it is, is that so many people buy Ikea, that it can be a bummer to walk into someone’s place and see the same pieces of furniture. So, Ikea Hacker was born to help folks around the world hack their Ikea purchases into functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture that is completely customized to each user!

The hacks of Ikea products are sent in from all over the world, and Jules curates this online collection of the DIY spirit for us all. Some hacks are as simple as using an Ikea product in a different way, say like a magazine stand as a night stand, all the way from complete power-tool projects, like melding two pieces of Ikea furniture into one entirely different piece of furniture. Though not everyone has the capacity or power tools to hack entire furniture pieces, there are plenty of ideas for just about everyone. One of the most recent ideas and a personal favorite is taking Ikea’s wooden magazine holders and painting a little chalkboard paint on them for a label. Adorable, smart and cheap: the perfect combination.

No matter what your personal style of d├ęcor is, there’s sure to be some idea on Ikea Hacker for you. Some ideas are way out there, some too hard to try, but we bet if you surf through Jules’ organized site (you can click on categories like accessories, bathroom, furniture, kitchen and more) you’ll find inspiration for your own project you’ve been itching to take on!

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