Thursday, February 11, 2010

Design Blogger Profile: Sherry and John of Young House Love!

In honor of the upcoming love-filled holiday, Valentine’s Day (it’s this Sunday, people), we thought we’d share a blog that centers on a lot of love. In this case, it’s a great little home blog called Young House Love, and it features a lot of love for one another (it’s an adorable, young couple), love for a baby on the way, love for a funny little Chihuahua named Burger and of course, a love for a house that this young couple (and maybe Burger a little bit) have worked hard to renovate.

Though not one of those huge or terribly well-known blogs, we’ve really fallen into a trance with this Young House Love blog. There’s a great narrative running throughout the entire site, and it seems more like an intense diary than just a bunch of blog posts full of tips. There’s a real thoughtfulness to everything, and tips and ideas for your home are come by gleaning lessons from their trials and successes.

The main writer, Sherry Petersik, lives in a 53-year-old house with her husband John. Both are 27 years of age, but approach loving this house with a maturity that far outstretches their young ages. The house, which is both their first, is in Richmond, Virginia, and they both come from living in New York City for a previous 8 years. So, needless to say, they’re enthusiastic about all the space they now have to run free in. Though a lot of charm comes with owning a 53-year-old house, so does a lot of work, and the Young House Love blog was born.

Not just content to share their renovation successes over their blog, they also write a regular column in Better Homes & Garden’s Do It Yourself Magazine, have appeared on HGTV on the popular television program Rate My Space and have had a house tour video on the popular website The Nest.

It’s hard to really put into words all that we love about this site. Maybe it’s the humungous wealth of information, or the sassy way in which Petersik does such a great job relaying it to her readers. Maybe it’s the simple and home-y way in which the site looks, or maybe it’s just getting to see that funny Chihuahua Burger. It could be the impeccable and easy-to-navigate way in which the website is set up, like having tabs for wedding advice, how-tos, design advice and more. We even love that this talented couple sell their own art prints they create. Or it could just be refreshing to see a nice, young couple living a great life and being gracious enough to show people how to do it, too!

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