Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Favorite 1stdibs Items: Show Stopping Red!

Last week's newest 1stdibs listings had a lot of furniture that was, well, rather dainty in a way. Featuring pieces that were more or less metal and just frames of furniture, very airy with a lot of ability to sense spaces flowing through the pieces. None of those pieces had a lot of what's called "visual weight." Meaning, they looked good, but they won't command the attention in a space. Boy, the furniture pieces we chose today sure will. We chose a whole host of bright, deep, crimson red furniture and accessories pieces, in case you're looking for something to stand out.

1) Tufted red leather sofa
This bright red leather sofa just can't get any more bold. Large, long and tufted, it empowers a room, and would be the visual anchor for any living room. The black accents almost give a graphic quality to it.
Price: $5500
NoHo Modern

2) Big Easy Soft Chair by Ron Arad
Not only does this lounge chair come in a bold, bright shade of red, it's also got a powerful shape and size on its side. Definitely bold and supposedly comfortable, a piece of furniture like this could hold its own against other bold red furniture pieces.
Price: $6000
SoHo Treasures
3) Tall Console Table
We love this console table for its thin profile, funny shape (does this remind anyone else of the symbol of pi?) and the glossy, red color. This would look great in a room by itself, or accompanying other bold red pieces.
Price: $3500
Fat Chance Los Angeles

4) Antique 19th Century Heriz Serapi Persian Rug
Though this rug is the same price as most luxury vehicles, we can't help but love it for its rich, bold red color. We'd love to see this rug adorning the floor of a room, under red or other colored furniture.
Price: $38,000
Nazmiyal Collection

5) Whimsical French Red and Yellow Desk Lamp
This is a perfect little addition to a space if you're only desiring just a hint of bold, red color. Perfect on a desk table, yes, but also perfect on a console in a living room, on a sofa table, side table or even buffet in a dining room. There's always a space for a pop of bold red color!
Price: $1200
Modern One

Don't forget to check out the rest of this week's listings from 1stdibs, where you can find more fabulous, one-of-a-kind show-stopping pieces, as well as a number of other great pieces!

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