Monday, March 1, 2010

Jay Spectre's Award-Winning Designs!

We’ve got a great interior and furniture designer for today’s designer influence. When we first came across Jay Spectre's furniture designs, we knew we were looking at a great talent, and though his strongest designs came after the 1950's, his pieces still have a great Mid-Century-feel to them, and a bit of a modern feel, too!

Spectre’s furniture is very sensuous, with lots of curves. You could almost describe the furniture as “bubbly” in terms of having large curves and bulbous cushions. He created all kinds of furniture designs, including couches, chairs, sectionals, tables, shelves and desks—a good mix of case goods and upholstered pieces. His color palettes were varied, with lots of gray and black colors, but also he prized natural wood tones.

Spectre started his design career when he worked at Hubbuch, a design store in Louisville, KY, where he grew up. In 1968, he made the move to New York to start his own design firm. His success was immediate and long lasting. His interior design work featured a lot of art deco style, with Asian and African influences, and he also loved mixing high-tech elements with hand-carved items. Among his clients were many celebrities who liked to remain hidden. Along with being a success in the United States, he also designed spaces in South America, Europe, Canada and Asia. He’s known for working on huge houses, large offices and even jets and yachts.

Spectre was a much-awarded designer, being one of the only designers to be represented in the permanent collection of the New York State Museum. In 1979, he was named one of the top eight designers of America by the Smithsonian Institution. He was also awarded the Residential Design Excellence Award in 1982 by the The Chicago Merchandise Mart. Pretty famous, he’s been published in Interior Design, Architectural Digest and Abitare. He’s also published a book with a partner, called Point of View: Design by Jay Spectre. And that's only the tip of the iceberg! If you’re looking for some great interior design inspiration, check out Jay Spectre!

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