Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Perfect Pair: A Spectre Chaise Longue and Vintage Murano!

We pretty much chose Jay Spectre for yesterday’s designer influence when we saw this sweet chaise longue. Everything from the 1980’s is back again with a vengeance, but there was more than just the sweet retro stylings to this seat that made us love it. Maybe we’re still on our gray color kick? Whatever the case, you’ll love the pair of Swank Lighting lamps we chose to go with this sweet Spectre piece!

Bubbly. Plump. Full. Cushion-y. All these words apply to this fabulous chaise longue designed by the award-winning designer Jay Spectre. We think this actually might be our first chaise longue featured in our Perfect Pair series. These types of furniture items are great for curling up with a book, or for allowing lots of guests to perch on during a party. This particular one, as mentioned above, smacks of the 1980s, but in a good way (not over doing it, like The Memphis Group pieces). Plush and comfy, we especially love the texture and color of the upholstery, which is gray, but also warm and varied, making it great for stains and also gorgeous for combing with other d├ęcor elements.

The Swank Lighting pair of lamps we chose is absolutely hauntingly beautiful. From Italy in the 1960s, this is a genuine Murano lamp in mint condition. Their label describes them with the words: “Acqua Marina Ghiacci Satinate” which means iced blue-green etched satin glass. Featuring a stack of sculptured balls, we love that the texture of the surface is slightly rough, making this pair of lamps have interest. Our favorite part of the lamps is just how they appear as a whole. The color to this glass makes it look like they have no depth, like you could peer into the balls and see forever. We love all the “imperfections” to the lamp—that they don’t have a smooth surface—it gives them such story.

This Spectre chaise longue and pair of Murano Swank Lighting lamps go perfect together on a number of levels. In a shallow way, they’re just a simple combination of rounded shapes and two colors that complement well together. In fact, when you view the combination from afar, that’s all you see. But both the pieces feature the interesting detail of being able to view them up close and have their details unfold slowly. The upholstery to the chaise longue looks just gray from far away, but up close reveals a complicated and intricate texture and pattern. The lamps just look like a standard set of stacked ball lamps, but closer, hint at something else with their rough texture. The lamps and the chaise longue both conceal their true identities and are completely upfront about it, making them a perfect pair.

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