Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Favorite 1stdibs Items: Hip Pastels!

Because the world of interior design often crosses and follows closely to the world of fashion, we predict that a certain trend for Spring outfits will soon be seen in interiors, too. What's that trend? Why, pastel colors of course! Though they are often associated with nurseries and Easter holidays, you can incorporate these soft colors in your space with success. You just have to follow a few rules to keep your spaces looking fresh and not dowdy---luckily we've gathered five items from today's 1stdibs newest listings to help illustrate our points!

1) Collection of Antique Marble Fruit
The first bit of advice is to start small. These tiny fruits won't make a lot of visual impact in your space (even as a collection), but they will help start the idea that you'll be incorporating a more pastel color scheme. You'll be able to play off the colors of a small accessory, as well.
Price: $900
Douglas Rosin

2) Pair of Pierre Jeanneret "Scissor" Chairs
When going with pastels, you can never go wrong with choosing pastel colors already found in nature. Light yellows, fun peaches and soft oranges all make a great pastel color palette.
Price: $9,500
Modern One

3) Limited Edition 'Diamond' Sideboard by Pedro Sousa
The next step to incorporating pastel colors into a space without it looking too baby-ish is to partner pastel colors with a bold tone as well. Lavenders and light purples look great as pastels, but don't let them do all the work. Bring in a piece with a bold version of purple to tie it altogether.
Price: $29,950

4) George Nelson Coconut Chair
The other thing to remember is that pastels don't just refer to the colors found in an Easter egg dying kit---pastels can be colors that are lightly-toned or have some gray in them. We like this George Nelson Coconut Chair because its color is very subdued and laid back.
Price: $4,000
Modern Artifacts

5) Interesting Art Deco Mirror
The last idea you can use to help bring in pastels to your space without letting it get too boring is to pick pastel colors that are featured on objects with shine, gloss or excitement, like in this shiny Art Deco Mirror. Though this is a light pastel blue, you wouldn't know it with how electric it feels!
Price: $4,600
Douglas Rosin

Don't forget to check out the rest of this week's listings from 1stdibs, where you can find more fabulous, one-of-a-kind show-stopping pieces, as well as a number of other great pieces!

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