Thursday, April 29, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: David Dalton

If you’re looking for interior design inspiration that is sophisticated, masculine, exciting and calming, then we have got the contemporary designer profile for you. David Dalton’s no stranger to the design scene—and his interior design portfolio is full of reasons why.

Peeking through Dalton’s great interior design photos on his website, we noticed a definite trend toward subdued interior furnishings. These are rooms where you can feel serenity and calmness, but they aren’t boring in the slightest, they feature plenty of bright colors and interesting layers of texture and pattern. They do have a certain level of masculinity that is expressed in strong lines and symmetry, but they aren’t “man caves” by any account; they make for the perfect room for any gender. The style definitely leans toward traditional, but definitely we saw some interesting details that had a bit of transitional, eclectic and modern twist.

David Dalton is more than qualified to be a talented designer and head of the firm David Dalton, Inc. Both a Los Angeles based designer and a television personality, Dalton also does a lot of work to spread his messages of design to others. He has been a member of the ASID board of directors, is involved with charitable organizations, show houses, fundraisers and even portfolio reviews for interior design students at a local college. All the while spreading his great wisdom and philosophies on design.

David Dalton, Inc. the company is a full service interior design firm that excels in residential projects, but also great-looking commercial projects as well. In existence since 1987, the company and all the great designers working for it have won tons of awards and acknowledgements. In 1998, the company and Dalton decided to get into the furniture design and manufacturing business, and now have a great portfolio of that for your own interior design project needs. You can find more information about the design firm or about the furniture lines they produce on the David Dalton website.

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