Thursday, April 22, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Summer Thornton

There are a lot of great contemporary designers out there; it’s true. And, we’ve even covered a few of them, like Sherrill Canet and Tobi Fairley. But while many designers can make a house look great, few can infuse rooms with the sort of fun, energy and excitement like Summer Thornton can. We’re in love with all the designs of hers we’ve seen, and think her portfolio would provide endless hours of inspiration for those homeowners looking to give their interiors a dose of fun!

Scrolling the photos on Thornton’s website, you’ll start to notice a theme that runs through all of her spaces she’s designed, quirky details that take a room from just “there” to out of this world. Perhaps it’s a leopard skin print upholstered chair, or animal statuettes, or an oversized black and white poster. She obviously excels at knowing just what the client wants (or else she wouldn’t be so successful and popular) but it seems that she also excels at pinpointing just what her client’s unique quirks and personality are, and then bringing that into the interior space.

She commands a strong understanding of color theory, and how to evoke emotions and feelings by pairing colors that might not always be seen on the same palette together. Her abilities to mix patterns and textures are also high-quality; rooms never seem contrived or “too made up.” The mixture of colors, pattern and texture always seem sophisticated and fun. Also, her spaces always look like they could be lived in—not like it’s just some museum. Unlike some designers, she also believes in keeping spaces fresh, and so provides clients with seasonal looks in their interiors.

After studying both art and business in college, Thornton discovered early her love of ceramics, and became quite good at that sculptural art before she left school. Obviously possessing a keen eye for design, she has since worked on projects all over the country, most notably high-rises, historic homes and even mansions. And, we don’t want to give it all away, but she even shares some great, simple and easy advice for your interiors on her website. Give her a look!

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