Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Paul Evans and Swank Lighting, Again!

Many times when we present A Perfect Pair to you, we start out choosing a furniture piece from a recent designer influence post. Since this week’s designer influence was a glass maker, we actually started out perusing Swank Lighting’s newest lamp listings—and fell in love with a stunning pair. Then, we decided to dig back into our archives to pick a furniture piece from a favorite influential designer we’ve posted about before. There was one name that came to mind immediately upon seeing the pair of lamps we chose, and knew that there would be a perfect match.

Though we love many furniture designers equally, Paul Evans has always stood out from the crowd for us. His amazing work is always so futuristic and jaw-dropping. He worked in a number of different materials, but favored mirrored surfaces, metallics like brass and chrome and a type of wood called burled walnut wood. A Paul Evans for Directional Burled Walnut 4 Door Credenza is our pick for today. Long and narrow, we just love that the whole piece is like one large, curved oval. The two oval shapes on the front of the credenza open into 4 equal doors, and we just love that the piece is so streamlined and flushed flat—there are no doorknobs or hinges to get in the way. It has a shiny finish, but it’s also sort of neutral, too.

We know we wax poetic about a number of Swank Lighting lamps (can you blame us? They’re all so beautiful). But this particular pair is really taking our breath away. This Pair of Vintage Murano Table Lamps from A.V.E.M. are just so luminous because of the materials chosen; they’re like a gorgeous, glowing tribute to glass. From the 1950s, the lamps are a creamy vanilla color with copper inclusion details sprinkled throughout the entire base, creating warm and surprising glimmer and glam. The copper has patinated leaving green rings around the air pockets, giving an unexpected but amazing color palette to the whole lamp. Vertical stripes in the pattern elongate the already tall lamp, and the soft oval shape gives a wonderful curvy and feminine feel to the lamps. Placed atop hexagonal cut Lucite bases, they are a complete picture of perfection.

When we first saw these lamps, we tried them out with a few pieces of Evans that were glamorous and shiny themselves, but we soon saw that the result was overwhelming. We love these lamps so much, we wanted them to stand out with whatever furniture piece they were combined with. Both full of curves, the Swank Vintage Murano lamps go perfectly with Evans’ Burled Walnut 4-Door Credenza because they are both full of oval-shapes; there aren’t any sharp or harsh edges here. Though the lamps are shiny and eye-catching, they work well with the finish of the credenza in a number of ways. One, they all possess a wonderfully shiny luster. Secondly, the copper details in the lamps match the warm, walnut glow of the credenza’s wood material perfectly. Can’t you just see this combination in a fabulous room somewhere?

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