Thursday, May 20, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Thom Filicia

When it comes to the most famous contemporary interior designers working today, it sometimes feels like there are the ones that toil away tirelessly behind the scenes and then the ones who always seem to be in the public eye. We’re not one to say which kind of designer is better, but we can say with certainty that the ones who are somehow able to do both are ultra-impressive and can be learned from. Thom Filicia makes that list.

Every good designer out there doesn’t have just one “distinct” look that sets them apart; after all, when you are a designer you design for the client, not for yourself. That being said, you can often see common threads that flow through some designer’s portfolios. Some designers have a thing for neutrals, others handle texture really well. Why are we telling you this? To explain that Filicia isn’t just someone without a common thread—he blows other designers’ portfolio’s out of the water with the variety and flexibility of his designs.

Clicking through the TONS of gorgeous interior room photographs on Filicia’s website, you can see that no two rooms even come close to looking alike. There are living rooms with lots of color and others with monotone palettes. There are rooms full of soft, earthy naturals and spaces with sleek, modern lines. All types of styles, all types of colors, all types of materials: Filicia works with them all. And, works with them rather stunningly, as every one of the photos from his site shows layered, sophisticated and gosh-darn interesting rooms. Places that you would want to spend your day in.

Remember when we mentioned that he was great not just at working hard behind the scenes, but being well-known, too? Well, that’s an understatement. It would take at least another five posts to fit all the things he’s been awarded, been in or done, but we’ll try to highlight some stuff for you: He’s been one of House Beautiful’s Top 100 Designers and House & Garden’s Top 50 Tastemakers, he’s won an Emmy, and he’s appeared on Oprah, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and even the View. He’s the host of Dress My Nest. He’s been one of Barbara Walters’ “Top 10 Most Fascinating People.” His interiors have regularly been shown in Elle D├ęcor Magazine, House Beautiful, The New York Times and more. And of course, the role that perhaps first started him off in fame, his role as the design guru on that smash hit, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

Of course, Filicia can’t take all the credit, his firm Thom Filicia Inc, founded in 1998, employs a host of talented people, and have helped grow the Filicia empire into what it is today: a design firm for residential, commercial and special projects for celebrities and regular folks, as well as a huge receptacle for inspiration. Just spend some time on his website and you’ll see why!

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