Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Eric Cohler!

On the surface, Eric Cohler’s portfolio seems to be filled with the same sort of things that other talented, multi-styled interior designer’s portfolios are filled with: good-looking, sophisticated spaces that look great in a magazine and are probably pretty comfortable to live in. But looking closer at the rooms contained inside, you begin to notice surprising, unexpected and sometimes even shocking details. These details are so integrated into the design that you don’t see them at first, and their discovery gives the viewer instant delight.

Predictably, but also conveniently, Cohler organizes his online portfolio by rooms, with categories like “entry ways” “living rooms” kitchens” and more, but he also throws in a few great folders like “exteriors” and our favorite “details.” We like his “details” folder so much because we think it’s really indicative of why his spaces work so much: sure the overall picture is lovely, but it’s not until you get into the nitty and gritty details do you really understand what makes his work not only stand out, but really shine.

As with many skilled designers, you see plenty of different looks and styles but you can also see he excels with innovative furniture placements, mixture of patterns and textures and bold pops of color. He must also be a huge art fan, because his rooms often feature giant and wonderful pieces of art that range from abstract, to modern, to contemporary to traditional.

All in all, Cohler’s spaces exhibit a huge amount of playfulness due to their modern mix-ups between classical and traditional elements and more contemporary accessories and furnishings. Not everyone can achieve this mixture successfully, but Cohler certainly quiets any naysayers.

Cohler holds a Masters Degree in Historic Preservation from the Columbia University School of Architecture and attended Harvard Graduate School of Design for interior design. Cohler established his firm in 1991 and since then has become a leader in the design field along with Tony Klein, Jennifer Mason and others, to create a firm that can anticipate and handle any client’s design needs. Need more evidence than just the gorgeous portfolio that they are one seriously talented interior firm? House Beautiful has described him as one of the 14 "best of the best" in the "next wave of designers in America," and he is included annually in their "Top 100" issue and frequently makes it into plenty of other shelter magazines, national and international. He’s created designs in conjunction with lighting manufacturer Visual Comfort and fabric with Lee Jofa.

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