Thursday, August 5, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Waldo Fernandez!

Is it just us, or are some rooms and houses designed by professional interior designers—well—intimidating? Even if a designer creates a space that is perfect for the client, sometimes the end result is a room that comes off a bit pretentious. Not so with today’s contemporary designer focus: Waldo Fernandez. Fernandez’s designs are comfy, fresh and accessible, and they have us spotting all sorts of inspiration for our own home!

Fernandez’s spaces feel grounded; they are rooted in neutral colors and earthy textures. These elements give each space that “breath of fresh air” design writers are always talking about; Fernandez’s designed spaces feel like you would just walk in and say “ahhhh.” That’s not to say his designs are neutral or boring. On the contrary, Fernandez incorporates a number of different design methods to create interest and excitement in his spaces, but not by sacrificing comfort. We think that’s how he really stands out from other contemporary designers.

In terms of an interwoven theme of elements that all his spaces have in common, we’ve noticed that he favors large, statement pieces. Elements like plush sofas, oversized baskets, large pieces of art and striking accessories dominate his designed rooms, but all working in harmony with one another to create a real balance in each space. He doesn’t go for the cheap thrill of a bold element to catch one’s attention; he carefully gathers all the elements in a space to create a real synchronization between pieces.

It’s also clear Fernandez is adept at mastering a number of different styles. We see in his portfolio spaces that are definitely traditional, but we also see a number of rooms that have many contemporary and modern details. We also notice that his designs have the ability to change with the styles of the time—making Fernandez one versatile designer.

Born in Cuba, Fernandez and his family moved to New York when he was a teenager, where he was encouraged to pursue his passionate for the arts. It wasn’t long before this pursuit landed him in Los Angeles studying architecture at UCLA. After school, he found himself with a fabulous job: an assistant set designer for Walter Scott at 20th Century Fox. This job afforded him the opportunity to really showcase his interior design skills, which he parlayed into a life-long passion, opening his first showroom in 1974 and jump-starting a brilliant and successful interior design career. Check out more information on his website.

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