Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Borsani and Swank!

Had you heard of the great Mid-Century designs of Osvaldo Borsani before our profile on him yesterday? If you did, then you no doubt recognized what a fabulously talented furniture designer he was. If you are like us and were unfamiliar with him before yesterday, then you probably got to be pleasantly surprised right alongside of us. We chose one of his most important pieces for today’s Perfect Pair, and combined it with an ultra-special Swank Lighting pair of lamps!

What can be more classical than Osvaldo Borsani’s P40 Lounge Chair? It’s practically the poster child for the Mid-Century. Featuring an oh-so-slick profile, this lounge chair is at once casual and serious. With four sections, the chair looks like you could bend it into many different iterations, and it just so happens you can: this chair articulates to over 30 different seating and reclining positions. It’s not just function that makes this seat fabulous: we’re in love with the buttery and creamy yellow upholstery that is on the cushions. It makes for a perfect contrast with the dark black of the frame.

When we first laid eyes on Swank Lighting’s Vintage Double Hourglass Murano Lamps from the 1960s, we knew we wanted to save them for a particularly special Perfect Pair. They are so gorgeous and feature an out-of-this-world shape. You can really feel the mod, 1960s feel they have going on; their profile is reminiscent of a really hip and retro fabric pattern. Their color is another fabulous selling point, described as somewhere between Lilac and Grape Kool-Aid; we just think it’s a perfect color to infuse some purple fun into an interior.

So, you can probably guess at the obvious reasons we put these lamps and this lounge chair together. They both feature recognizable designs for their time period, which happen to overlap! Both are super cool with Mid-Century and mod details, and the outline of their shape is stunning in its complexity and simplicity. While you might not immediately put these sorts of colors together, we think the fun combination of a buttery yellow and an Easter egg lilac makes for a pop art-feeling, bold and bright color palette. It would be a fun thing to add to any vignette in any space!

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