Thursday, September 30, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Kerry Joyce

There’s a level of refinement that is sometimes lost the more comfortable a space is created. When you bring textures and materials down to a more casual level, you can lose that je ne said quoi that makes a space pop and sparkle. We found one interior designer who seems to be a master at materials—and combining that certain je ne sais quoi with the skills of making a sophisticated and comfortable space. Today’s contemporary designer profile is Kerry Joyce.

Skimming through Joyce’s online portfolio, you will see a lot of simply refined spaces. Color palettes are classic: whites, creams combined with darker wood tones and black. Layouts aren’t surprising, and art isn’t exactly shocking. To be honest, the whole composition of spaces really strikes you all at once; nothing jumps out at you or tries to grab your attention.

You can see he’s a fan of lots of classic elements that work with a lot of different tastes and which bring that sophistication in right at the beginning, like four-poster beds, sumptuous drapes, over-sized mirrors, stacks of books, creams and neutrals, delicate side tables and more. But, though he has elements and ideas that carry from project to project, each room and home retains its own distinct personality, no doubt informed by the client’s personality.

Again, nothing is particularly striking or overly surprising about Joyce’s work, but that’s its charm. His skills lie in letting the architecture of a space and the materials lying there within really sing. He tells a story through simplicity, and lets the main characters be the people who live in these spaces. That sort of restrained approach is its own kind of luxurious—and we find that very swanky.

Based in Los Angeles, Kerry Joyce is an interior designer, interior architect and furniture designer. He’s won tons of awards for his interiors, including even an Emmy award! He’s been named one of the “Design 100” for Metropolitan Magazine and has been featured in other publications like House Beautiful.

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