Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Niemeyer and Swank Lighting!

Oscar Niemeyer was an amazing Brazilian architect, whose buildings and architectural work have withstood the test of time and inspired many architects that came after him. We were more interested in his furniture, though, and fell pretty hard for one of his pieces in particular. We think you’ll dig our groovy 1970s inspired combination between Niemeyer and Swank!

Oscar Niemeyer’s "Rio" Rocking Chaise is clearly a favorite piece. It’s so bold, powerful and sculptural; you have to respect its presence! It has a painted laminated wood frame that is sensuously curved to create quite a striking base. Together with a leather upholstery cushion or a cane cushion (adjustable, if you can imagine it), the whole shape becomes quite the looker. This is certainly a chair that gets the blood rushing.

We don’t want to imply that’s there’s only one pair of lamps that could embody a whole time period, but these Vintage Marbro Murano Lamps in Apple Green from Italy in the 1960s sure are doing a great job of it. It’s of course this gorgeous modern apple green that is most striking about this pair of lamps. Placed on top of large blocks of Lucite as bases, the entire composition is bold and powerful, too!

Together, you can see why we chose to place these items together. The striking black lacquer of the chair is a great contrast to the glossy bold apple green of the lamps. The caning option on the chair is a great callback to the 1970s. And while we certainly love the lamps’ color, their shape is gorgeous, too. Curvy and sensuous, just how Niemeyer would have liked it!

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