Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Swank Lighting and Finn Juhl!

We gave you a brief primer into the work of Finn Juhl, a designer who not only created a huge body of furniture designs that are gorgeous to look at, but was so influential he's credited with introducing Danish modern design to America. We fell in love with all of the pieces, and had trouble picking one, but we think you’ll like what we did with today’s Perfect Pair!

Finn Juhl’s Poet Sofa from Denmark from the 1950s is a particularly good example of Juhl’s design style, as it was actually created for his own home. Meaning he must have really loved the design! One can see why. The sofa has a high back, which gracefully moves into strong arms and high armrests. All these curves create a cozy nook. Button tufts lend a sophisticated air to an otherwise smooth upholstery. All this is set on four wooden legs that are a contrast to the smoothness of the rest of the sofa.

Swank Lighting’s Two-Tone Opaline Murano Teardrop Lamp by Seguso, made in Italy in the 1950s, is too beautiful to have more than one made! A single lamp, not a pair like Swank usually sells, this lamp is so beautiful, and that definitely comes from the two-tone colors of the opaline glass made by Archimides Seguso. The two colors are a rich grape purple and a teal, jewel-toned blue. Together, they are a perfect pair of cool colors, making the lamp itself seem very cool! The gently curving shape is teardrop, and the glass is placed on a Lucite base.

There are a lot of things this Swank Lighting lamp and Finn Juhl sofa have in common. Gentle curves, modern aesthetics, a cool, laisez-fair attitude. Together they make a sort of power couple; they feed off one another’s gorgeous details to piece together a fabulous aesthetic vignette. Stunningly simple yet devastatingly tough, this is one grouping with attitude.

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