Thursday, October 14, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Grant K. Gibson

We really love color. And crazy patterns. And cool textures. And wild ideas. But we also love a really sophisticated, simple, fresh space. A space where neutrals are deftly mixed to give a layered look. A space where fresh flowers look like they are always there. We found a designer who’s masterful at this type of design, and that designer is Grant K. Gibson.

Architecture is revered in Gibson’s design portfolio. Crown molding is thick and lustrous. Walls have paneled molding. Floors are made of sumptuous materials. Windows are big and exciting. The designs that Gibson brings into the rooms and spaces enhance the already beautiful homes—and enhance them really well.

Definitely beautiful neutrals mingle. Creams, soft pinks, light yellows, whites, grays, wood tones—all become married to create really sophisticated spaces. Furnishings are definitely traditional, but not stuffy. You don’t feel like you’re living in a historical space, but you do sense the history that is respected in these rooms.

Textures are definitely the big overarching theme that runs through all of his spaces. Thick, lovely pillows have great embroidery details, curtains are fluffy and full and floor coverings have luxurious elements. And, bold, bright pops of colors like roses and accessories help make the textures really sing.

Founded in 2002, Grant K. Gibson Interior Design Inc. is in New York but slowly taking over the world of design! Gibson’s been featured in a lot of the major shelter mags, like Elle D├ęcor, House Beautiful, The New York Times, Traditional Home and more. His work is lauded as “eclectic, livable and easy on the eyes” and we completely agree.

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