Thursday, October 28, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Steven Volpe

Our last few Contemporary Designer Profiles have been a bit on the traditional and classic side, so let's switch to something entirely different, shall we? If you don't find Steven Volpe's designs as out-of-this-world as we do, you might not be looking at the right website! All jokes aside, Steven's work is amazing, and we are finding all sorts of modern inspiration from his interior design.

Right off the bat, the colors of some of the spaces immediately let you know you are in for a super modern time. Cool, steely grays, metallic purples, electric blues and more introduce you to Steven's signature modern style. That's not to say that every room looks like a space ship; we saw plenty of natural and warm colors, too.

Furniture is unique and outstanding. Not everything is sharp lines like you might expect in a strictly modern portfolio, but the curves that are there are surprising, with interesting proportions or angles of the curve. Furniture is definitely comfortable looking, and sleek case goods really support the overall designs of each space.

Although most spaces feature futuristic and Mid-Century Modern details, Steven really shows off his designing mettle by attacking more traditional projects, like the Napa Winery project in the portfolio. Looking more like a high-end hunting lodge than a space ship, he still knocks this home out of the park. We bet anyone-even someone with modern tastes-would love living there.

If Steven Volpe's designs seem otherworldly, it could be due in large part to the time he spent in his 20's in Paris. European influences mingle strongly with earthy San Francisco (where he's from and where his firm is located) details and ideas. Quite distinguished, he also owns an art gallery, which explains all the fabulous art located within his rooms.

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