Friday, October 29, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Tucker and Marks!

We always wonder if any one type of interior design style is more difficult to design than the others. I mean, there are so many different factors that go into designing a room for a client that it's impossible to answer that question, but looking through interior designers Suzanne Tucker and Timothy Marks' portfolio-who make up the firm Tucker & Marks-look to design rooms that seem like a lot of skill was needed to pull them together. This makes them very impressive!
Taking even the quickest peek of the Tucker and Marks' online portfolio-full of years' worth of amazing interiors-and you can see what we mean by our opening paragraph. Rooms are filled to the brim with design details, sophisticated elements, rich textures and architectural wonder. We can't vouch on their speed with working on projects, but all these spaces look like they could have taken years to perfect they're so pristine and spot on.

Certainly of the more traditional and classic style than modern or contemporary, these rooms aren't stuffy. There's definitely youth and vibrancy among the walls of these rooms. But there's also a very distinguished air to every space. These are grown-up rooms, for clients who have important jobs and entertain lots of fun guests.

This is not to say that you couldn't have fun in these spaces. On the contrary, we see lots of fun elements like bold pops of color and quirky accents. This design duo clearly gets to the bottom of every client to find out their precise personalities so they can craft spaces that really speak to those living within. As well as impress those who just come to visit!

Formed since 1987 and stationed in San Francisco, Tucker & Marks is now one of the largest design firms on the West Coast. They specialize in luxurious, sophisticated, graceful and formal interiors that are very comfortable. They design homes all over the US, so don't worry if you love them but don't live in California! Though their look is a bit pricey, we really love them and find lots of inspiration from them!

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