Thursday, October 7, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Christopher Coleman

It only takes one glance at Christopher Coleman’s website to see that he’s a colorful, fun and exciting interior designer. His website features a bright yellow background that immediately arrests your attention and lets you know to prepare yourself for what might be coming up in his online portfolio.


So what is in his body of work? Well if you guessed more color, you’d be right! You’d also be right on target if you guessed fun, comfortable spaces that emphasize the lightheartedness of this profession, which is making people lives better and more enjoyable lives through design!

Coleman is also a very modern, contemporary designer. Though his spaces are interesting, they are very streamlined and uncluttered. Designs are intentional, and spaces have a cool and almost detached sort of quality to them, making them both feminine and masculine. He favors warm wood tones a lot, and you spot a lot of exotic wood tones and patterns creating interesting dialogues between furnishings.

We like that it appears he’s able to design for a number of different clients types, including kids of all ages, because his designs are definitely customized per project. You don’t really see an underlying element that runs through all of his spaces unless you’re counting clean lines and sweet style.

Don’t think he’s only good at New York style lofts though; he’s got one country themed project in his portfolio that is exactly the sort of thing you might think a futuristic country-themed home might look like.

Based out of Brooklyn, Coleman’s strength is knowing that he’s great with clients, but imaginative enough to catch the attention of other professionals. He’s definitely been featured in important shelter publications like Elle D├ęcor, Better Homes and Gardens and New York Magazine. Be sure to check out his online portfolio!

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