Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Larsen, Madsen and Swank!

It’s true we were pretty bowled over by these wood armchairs upholstered in black leather by designers Larsen and Madsen. And while they were close to our favorites, we decided to go with another Mid-Century Modern furniture piece of theirs for today’s Perfect Pair instead. Will you think it’s an odd time of year for the Swank Lighting lamps we chose to pair with it? Read on to see for yourself!

This pricey (almost $50,000) Oak and Cane Bench by Larsen and Madsen was made in Denmark in the 1950s, under the company run by cabinetmaker Willy Beck. It’s hard to even decide what we love about this piece most. The materials, cane and oak, make this piece feel so close to nature, and the resulting color is warm, light and flexible enough to work with any color palette. But the modern shape is also wonderful; that detail of the sloping back is fabulous.

If we’ve used this Swank Lighting pair of Orange Long Neck Vintage Murano Lamps by Seguso in a Perfect Pair post before, you’ll just have to excuse us; we love them! Made in Italy in the 1960s they feature the most awesome bright orange color that you can possibly imagine. It’s not just their hue that’s rocking, either; their shape is thin, skinny, sky-high and dynamic. Placed on Lucite bases they are perfect!

Though fall is clearly here in our neck of the woods and we’ve been inspired enough to post about a lot of fall color palettes and fall textures, we still miss summer a bit. It was a great summer, and summer colors are fresh and bright and always bring a little cheer to a room. We think that’s why we gravitated toward this combination of natural materials and the bright orange green. They just seemed so new and fun, and hey, who says you can’t have a little summer fun in your home all year round?

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