Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Favorite 1stdibs Items: Triangles!

We were never big fans of (or very good at) math, but every now and then we get nostalgic for a little geometry in our furniture. Sure we see lines, circles and rectangles all the time, but what about that oft-forgotten triangle? It's certainly not something you see in a furniture piece very often because it's a little odd. But a little oddity can bring interest to a piece, just like these five items we chose from 1stdibs' newest listings this week!

1) Triangle end table by Edward Wormley for Dunbar
No getting around it: this piece is in the shape of a big old triangle. We're not sure quite how this would nestle next to a sofa or couch, but we sure do love the way it looks!
Price: $9,500
Dealer: Wyeth

2) Bazaar Mirror
Looking for the mirror in this mix-up of shapes of all different types can be a bit of a game, but we bet it didn't take you long. If you're anything like us your eye went straight to that three-sided shape in the lower right hand corner.
Price: contact dealer
Dealer: Paul Kasmin

3) Mobile Sculpture By Brad Howe
With its bright, primary colors, interesting shape and moveability, there's a good chance incorporating a piece like this in your space will garner some attention. And look how cute all those triangles at the end are!
Price: $850
Dealer: Maison Schembri

4) Pace Collection Coffee Table
Unlike the more humble, natural-looking triangle side table we shared above, this coffee table is swanky, glossy and shiny. We like how the glass tabletop almost falls away, making the shiny metal triangle the star of the show.
Price: $4,500
Dealer: Deco Dreams

5) Fabulous 1970's Faceted Marble Box
Triangle accents in your home don't always have to be giant furniture pieces or bold sculptures. Why, you can find triangle details in the unlikeliest of spots, even like a clasp on a marble box! How cute.
Price: $1,800
Dealer: David Bell Antiques

Don't forget to check out the rest of this week's listings from 1stdibs, where you can find more fabulous, one-of-a-kind, show-stopping pieces, as well as a number of other great items! Also: please visit our revamped Facebook page for more information about us and follow us on twitter (@swanklighting) to always be up-to-date on Swank Lighting happenings.

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