Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Aubock and Swank!

Carl Aubock was a major player in the Mid-Century Modern scene and also a huge modernism influence from his home country of Austria. One look at his modern, natural and unique furniture pieces and accessories and you can see why. We chose a piece of his that really sung to us, and paired it with some Swank Lighting lamps that took our breath away the first time we saw them.

You know, not many people have the need for serving carts anymore. But before you dismiss this Cantilever Serving Cart by Carl Aubock as obsolete, remember that you don't have to use a furniture piece the way that it was originally intended. This gorgeous wooden piece of furniture is from the 1950s and features a two-tiered cart in solid walnut with brass details and wheels. We'd use this as a sweet side table alongside a couch or lounge chair. It's got great outlines and would make a fun, functional item.

It should come as no surprise to hear that we love just about everyone of Swank Lighting's own lamps, but every now and then we see a pair that absolutely screams "I'm yours! I'm yours!" That's what Swank Lighting's Spotted Chartreuse Vintage Glass Lamps did for us. We know they're not made from anyone particularly famous, but there's just something about that lemon-lime color, that soft, circular, indented quilted pattern and that nice, classic, vintage bowling ball shape to the body. We love it all!

You probably won't be able to fit both of these lamps onto Carl Aubock's Cantilever Serving Cart (or really any of his pieces, for that matter) but we do think with a little maneuvering you might could swing one. And believe us, it would be worth the try. Both the serving cart and lamps exhibit strong hip and vintage vibes that we think together would out of this world!

Swank Lighting is an amazing resource not just for the best vintage Murano glass lamps on the market today, but also a wonderful resource for interior design inspiration and a great place to get an education about past and present designers. Keep up-to-date with everything we do on our Facebook page and our twitter.

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