Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Zanuso and Swank

Yesterday's designer influence was the very inspiring Marco Zanuso, an Italian architect and furniture designer whose work made a big impact on the Italian modern design movement, and in turn, a big hit on the modern design movement everywhere. We chose a very textured, patterned pair of chairs to go with a very textured pair of Swank Lighting lamps.

This Pair of 1950s Italian Armchairs are a perfect example of the kind of style Zanuso produced in the furniture design arena. This pair of chairs have a fabulous, thickly textured tweed-like upholstery (new) and the whole body of the chair is placed on dainty black lacquered legs with brass casters. Now, we should say that these chairs aren't actual Marco Zanuso chairs, just made in the style, but we think you can agree they perfectly embody his design philosophy.

We have been in such the mood for pure white lamps, and this Swank Lighting pair of Vintage Murano Pulegoso Lamps by Galliano Ferro in White Ice, from Italy from the 1950s are a great specimen. Of course, as lovely as the milky, creamy white glass of these lamps is, the netted pattern of the glass is also quite the star. According to Swank, The Pulegoso process traps tiny air bubbles within the glass, giving these lamps a frosty look. 


We love that both the chairs and the lamps both have a lot of going on for them. They both have arresting colors-one a multi-colored red with lots of specks of all kinds of colors, and the other a deep, stunning white. They also both feature fabulous textures and patterns that give the surface of each one of them a punch of interest. Together they are fabulous!

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