Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Danielle Fox

A beautifully designed interior goes beyond just delighting the eyes that see it; a beautifully designed interior touches and comforts the soul and brings joy into the heart. It makes one feel that most important of human emotions: feeling at home. Today's featured Contemporary Designer does more than just understand this fact about good interior design; she completely embodies it.

The opening line on Danielle Fox's website perfectly sums up what she's trying to do with her interior design practice: "Creating environments that embody beauty, creativity, order and self-expression-calming the mind and delighting the senses." These aren't just perfectly put together spaces where people can keep their stuff in; these are places where birthday parties happen, where intimate family dinners occur, where frenzied Christmas mornings take place. Taking one glance at her online portfolio and you see exactly what it is we're talking about.

Rooms are subtle, but full of life. They are simple, but not sparse by any means. Soft wall colors mingle with brightly colored accessories, and bold walls converse with neutral furnishings. Balance between the senses is key in her spaces. There's a definite "zen" feeling to her rooms, but you don't feel bored or tired in them, rather invigorated.

She definitely has a good handle on mixing and matching different styles to create authentic spaces. We wouldn't necessarily call them "eclectic" spaces; for some reason, that description makes us think of more busy or visually louder spaces. Her rooms just seem to "go" together well, without really trying that hard.

Danielle has a varied creative background: a PhD in Art History, a stint as a college-level art teacher, antique expert in London and even studied Business Management. All this experience has come in handy in this career change to interior design. In her own words:

"I am a serial renovator and obsessive organizer, so when I decided it was time for a career change, this seemed like a natural point of departure. This brings my multitude of passions under one roof, allowing me to combine my interest in creating beautiful environments with my management, communication and service skills."

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A very impressive designs. The colors very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!