Friday, December 3, 2010

Contemporary Designer Profile: Linda Allen

We LOVE the contemporary designer we're profiling today. There's something so darn adorable and sophisticated and simple and retro about all the interiors we see in Linda Allen's online portfolio. We don't mean to be too forward, but we're completely charmed by what we're seeing.

Though there aren't a lot of projects to check out on Allen's website, each project is thoroughly documented, with overall shots of room and lots of photographs of details (an awesome tool for nailing down just how these rooms look so good, in case you're thinking of trying to incorporate any of her ideas).

Another word we might use to describe these interiors by Linda Allen is polished. Like a good hair style, not a detail is out of place in these rooms. Wall art, accessories, textures, upholstery-they're all expertly arranged to create spectacular spaces.

Another favorite element to all of these rooms designed by Linda Allen is the great retro feel they all have. Almost like a modern retro feel, because they're not overwhelmingly retro, just retro enough to give it a punch of personality and a great, great aesthetic.

Coming from a background of professional ice-skating, Allen first became interested in interior design by checking out the theatrical productions of ice-skating shows. She then spent years working for lighting designers and interior designers, and even did a stint designing lights for Disney. All of this experience means that her residential design firm produces fabulous work.

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