Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Perfect Pair: Figurine Lamps and Hoffmann!

Yesterday's designer influence post centered around a designer who was one of a larger group of unsung heroes of our design history past. A group of folks whose work contributes mightily to the world, but who isn't well known. Will we go with a similarly categorizable Swank Lighting lamp pair in today's perfect pair? You'll have to read to find out! 

Though we loved a lot about Josef Hoffmann's work, which could be described as sensual, curvy and with hints of Art Nouveau, we really enjoyed his upholstered pieces that featured contrasting welts that made each piece appear to have slick vertical pinstripes. This particular Pair of High Back Armchairs by Josef Hoffmann is from Italy from 1911, and we really love the colors used, and how the curves are really highlighted by the stripes.

 Vintage Murano Figurine lamps aren't exactly the most popular form of vintage Murano lamps to have survived into today's trends, but you have to admit they have a certain charm to them. This pair of Vintage Murano Figurine Lamps by Barovier & Toso from Italy in the 1950s especially. Made in a rich, burnt umber color, they have a lot of personality, great shapes and would look superb in a lot of different home styles.


So why did we choose to mix a pair of Josef Hoffmann's High Back Armchairs with a pair of Vintage Murano Figurine Lamps by Barovier & Toso? Lots of reasons. We think the rich, burnt umber color of the figurines goes great with the accent stripes of the armchairs. But mostly, we just like the idea of pairing figurines with these chairs. Art Nouveau was all about celebrating curves and the female form, so figurines are a perfect complement. And, we just like how all the curves of the chair go well with the curves of the lamps. A perfect pair, we say!

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