Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Favorite 1stdibs Items: Blue Christmas

Elvis sure had it right when he sang about a blue Christmas. Though red and green certainly signify the season, a deep, cobalt blue can be just as stunning to ring in the holidays. We picked through 1stdibs newest listings to find some blue for your Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate).
1) PMR Chaise-Longue by Paulo Mendes da Rocha
This sleek modern lounger, or chaise longue, if you're fancy, comes in a nice blue color, perfect for Santa to take a break in after he's laid out all your presents.
Price: contact dealer
Dealer: Espasso

2) A Pair Of Romeo Rega Lamps
You know we love lamps here at Swank Lighting, and we just had to choose these lamps from the 1970s that have a gorgeous and rich blue hue to them.
Price: $28,050
Dealer: Mallett

3) Two 1950s Hanging Cabinets by Willy Van Der Meeren
We love these Mondrian-esque cabinets with stark, primary colors painted on the doors. One has a great, bold blue on it, and another a red (if you absolutely must have red for your holidays!)
Price: $7,176
Dealer: 1stdibs Paris

4) Val St Lambert Glass 'vase Turenne'
Another great glass piece, this time a vase. This piece comes with a great, translucent blue and a fun, playful checkerboard pattern.
Price: contact dealer
Dealer: James Robinson

5) Nadine Prado Silkscreen
We just love the creamy blue featured in this silkscreen art piece for the wall by Nadine Prado---and like that it has a rusty, earthy red to go along with it!
Price: $1,800
Dealer: IrwinFeldDesign

Don't forget to check out the rest of this week's listings from 1stdibs, where you can find more fabulous, one-of-a-kind, show-stopping pieces, as well as a number of other great items! Also: please visit our revamped Facebook page for more information about us and follow us on twitter (@swanklighting) to always be up-to-date on Swank Lighting happenings.

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