Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bold, Contemporary Designs of Tara Bernerd

I know it sounds a bit snobby to say, but anytime we see an interior designer describe themselves as an "interior architect," we know we're in for a good time. Why? Because someone who understands that interior designers do more than just pick out fabrics are who call themselves interior architects. Interior design is about using the interior of a space to mold a person's feelings and mood. And none do that quite as uniquely as Target Living's Tara Bernerd. 


We first spotted Tara Bernerd's work on 1stdibs, and were blown away from the get go. She designs the furnishings and interiors for some really stunningly designed architecture spaces. The modern ones we are loving the most. One, for example, is a tall, streamlined room lined in warm wood.

By itself this room would be a warm, almost Scandinavian-inspired space, but Bernerd adds to it an amazing amount of luxury by taking on a monochromatic but dramatic dark plum color palette and incorporating some pretty swank ceiling light fixtures. It's amazing how the space is transformed, and how a complex conversation is started between the interior architecture and the interior furnishings.

Other residential spaces display a similar level of humor, wit and charm, like a modern apartment in London full of pop art mixed with transitional furnishings. A deft mix of styles gives each space an incredible amount of personality and uniqueness, which clients no doubt love.

She's of course not afraid of color, which is always fun to witness in interiors, truly. A particular favorite is a modern, sleek bathroom in one of our favorite colors, a deep, fire-hot, red-orange. If you are looking for modern spaces with personality, feeling and depth, Tara Bernerd can deliver a large dose of inspiration!


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