Thursday, January 13, 2011

Contemporary Designer Profile: Joel Mozersky!

Firstly…Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Swank Lighting blog. We took an extended break and are excited to get back into bringing you some of our favorite contemporary designers in our blog.

It seems almost criminal that we’ve never covered the work of Austin designer Joel Mozersky, who works under the firm name One.Eleven Design. To say this prolific designer is shaping the look of Austin’s interiors is an understatement; to say he’s the king of Austin interior design would be obnoxious—but not overall untrue.

So what are these projects he’s worked on that make him fit to be crowned? There’s Uchi—one of Austin’s best and first fancy restaurants that looks more like a comfortable fancy living room and feels like that, too. He also, incidentally, tackled Uchi’s partner project, Uchiko, which turned into a modern, elegant and gorgeous space. He was also behind the colorful and interesting interior of La Condesa, which has one so many awards they might have to reinforce the foundation to help hold up the trophies.

Among those more notable ones, there have been a ton of other businesses made more notable due to his amazing style, which unbelievably, is kind of hard to describe. A good designer knows how to design for the client, and Joel certainly does that. He tends to favor bold color palettes and exciting elements that bring in drama. He seems to be able to include traditional items as easily and comfortably as incorporating really sleek and futuristically modern items. He has an eye for editing: his spaces are neither too full nor too minimal; he strikes a keen balance between a room and its furnishings.

His design career started in 1998 with a project design for Jackson Ruiz Salon. Such a success, he’s been tackling fabulous projects ever since, gaining notoriety for his high-quality spaces and his professionalism. He’s even got a number of celebrity duds under his belt. Featured in tons of shelter magazines and other publications, like Veranda, Bon Appetite, Food and Wine, The New York Times and more.

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