Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fresh and Airy Designs of Bear-Hill Interiors!

We hate to use cliché phrases like "breath of fresh air" and "took my breath away," but when it comes to the interiors of the fabulous Arkansas firm Bear-Hill Interiors, there's just something breathy and breathless about all their spaces that just makes us fall back on tired phrases because they're the only ones we seem to be able to remember.

Bear-Hill Interiors
goes for the knockout when they decorate a home. And we don't mean like a technical knock out; no their interiors punch us so hard we're seeing stars. Sorry...more cliché phrases. Back to the interiors. Gorgeous! Bright! Airy! A perfect mix of traditional and modern to create that ever popular transitional style.

Take for instance one of their projects named Brighton. The color palette is a lovely mix of neutrals and a gorgeous aqua blue that pops up in accents and highlights throughout the home. Mingling with that color palette is a group of home furnishings that are comfortable, fun and unexpected. Interesting details like surprising floor patterns or wall art bring in pops of personality.

We really like how each home project they feature in their online portfolio exudes such a unique personality. This is evidence that the folks at Bear-Hill are masters at getting to the heart of what a client needs and wants and designing for them-not for the designers.

We especially like how each home has a similar color palette or concept that flows through each individually decorated room, giving the whole house a very cohesive, comfortable and comforting feel. 

A common thread that we spot flowing through all of their interiors? An amazing knowledge and ability to use lights. There are gorgeous table lamps that bring in a warm glow. There are modern and interesting hanging lights that bring in excitement. There are even paper lanterns for interest, texture and casualness. As a lighting company, you know we can get behind a designer who knows how to use lights so well! 

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