Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fresh and Stylish Designs of Tamzin Greenhill!

Today's designer certainly gets the prize for most creative and sleek website-but that's not really what's important. Spotted on 1stdibs, one photo of one room had us convinced she's one of our favorite designers we've seen in a while, and perusing her portfolio lets us know for sure she's a skilled designer.

We really are bowled over by these images found in designer Tamzin Greenhill's portfolio. The first and most overwhelming word is "clean." We don't mean devoid of dust bunnies (though we bet that's accurate), we just mean that the design is very streamlined and tight. There aren't frivolous items in rooms, and each interior is carefully put together to elicit just the right response.

We also feel like these spaces are very fresh. Fresh in the sense that they all feel very light and airy (yes, even the rooms that feature darker color palettes.) Each room has this amazingly strong "uplifting" feeling to them; I can see where someone who has been in a bad mood all day could be instantly recharged by just walking into one of these spaces.

These interior projects are also fresh because they have a very subtly unique style, that is very modern in that it seems to be combining a number of styles. None of these rooms are strictly contemporary; you spot modern elements, but also vintage elements-all of these mixing and melding to create intensely personal spaces.

Her use of colors and patterns is deft and skilled, and we never feel over- or under-whelmed by anything we see incorporated. Of course, the fact that she gets the opportunity to work with some gorgeous architectural spaces certainly doesn't hurt, but she always respects the structure of a room-working to enhance the natural architecture, not distract from it.

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